Welsh Part-Breds

The Welsh Part-Bred horses and ponies have a minimum of 12.5% registered Welsh cob or pony blood. They offer the versatility of the Welsh Cob with the athleticism and ability of another breed. Many speak of the benefits of the native intelligence which comes from the Welsh breeds and compliments the Welsh Part-Bred horse.

This cross has been popular for some time, and increasingly so now.

Famous Welsh Part-Bred horses include Ian Stark’s Sir Wattie (25% Welsh, 75% TB) – the duo won two titles in Badminton Horse Trials in 1986 ad 1988 and also won two Olympic silver medals; Rodney Powell rode Langarth Darcy (50% Welsh), who competed at European FEI level; and Lee Pearson’s Blue Circle Boy (Welsh x Hanovarian) – pictured below – won several British Dressage championships inlcuding Elementary Restricted National Champion, Triple Gold Medallist Athens Paralympics 2004 and Triple Gold Medalist European Championship.