19 August 2017
It is with a heavy heart I bid farewell to Hope as she starts a new chapter of her life with her new owner, Jazz Gualtieri, in Essex.
21 July 2017
Florence is just about as excited as a 2-year-old can be with the arrival of her new pony...
26 May 2017
Dali Delilah was born on the 19th May, roughly 10 days early. Imagine my surprise when my husband came in to breakfast saying I'd better get up to the field pronto to see the new addition!
01 March 2017
After several months of hard work, the menage is complete and ready for action!
21 December 2016
It was a sad day today, saying farewell to our lovely TB x Welsh colt, Otto. He has been a real pleasure to bring on over the summer...